John Russell, Vermillion Vortex


John Russell Vermillion Vortex
23 minutes

Former Bank member, John Russell's new video work, commissioned by Art Review for their November 2010 issue.

High quality version here.

Moon Wiring Club, The Jayston Mix


Oh! A new mix by Moon Wiring Club from a wonderful new discovery, Pontone, an excellent independent music site. Coinciding with the release of their new album, A Spare Tabby At The Cat's Wedding, an album released as a 2-part vinyl and CD coupling, Moon Wiring Club venture out of Clinkskell to share some more self-confessed silliness in a mix dedicated to English actor Michael Jayston.

Ian Hodgson's output as Moon Wiring Club takes us on a creepy and somewhat confusing adventure into the imaginary world of Clinkskell, home to Gecophonic Productions and a host of unusual characters. Through the website, full of texts and illustrations painting a picture of this lost and timeless place, and a series of recorded releases and mixes, Hodgson invites us into an imaginative fictitious place filled with references to the past, occult explorations and pop cultural borrowings from the '70s and '80s.

Initial rummaging round the Pontone archives also turned up mixes by Clark, kpunk and Mordant Music.

Mark Fisher Talk at Chisenhale Gallery


Wednesday 17th November 2010
7 pm Free

Alongside Hito Steyerl's new exhibition at Chisenhale, Mark Fisher, author of Capitalist Realism, known to many as blogger kpunk, presents a talk in which he asks the question: ‘Can anything genuinely new emerge in a political landscape that is clogged with ideological junk?’
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